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Blue Ridge Roof Cleaning of Virginia is located in Waynesboro, VA serving Harrisonburg, Staunton, Lexington, Charlottesville and many of the surrounding counties. Whether it is roof cleaning, house washing or pressure washing, we take pride in treating our customers on an individual basis. Our website details the quality of our work and our customer comments speak for themselves.

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Using Soft Wash Techniques to Restore the Look and Health of Your Roof

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We never use a pressure washer on your roof or siding.  High pressure will cause granule loss and damage to those surfaces.

Pressure Washing:

Concrete & Brick

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Shutter Shine
Our new service for 2013
With our specially formulated treatment,
We will make your dull and faded shutters look new again.

Roof Reconditioning: We use only the Asphalt Roof Manufactures Association  recommended method to recondition your roof, giving it that new look once again. A low pressure chemical treatment is most likely all your roof needs to get rid of algae, lichen and moss. If you see black streaks on your roof, it is algae called Gloeocapsa Magma. Lichen and moss will soon grow on the algae and start eating away at your shingles causing damage and a premature roof replacement. Go to our Technical page for more information.


House Washing: Vinyl siding on the north and northeast sides of homes can get covered with the growth of algae and mold, not to mention the dirt that accumulates over the years. We use our soft-wash chemical treatment to rid your home of those unsightly eyesores, giving your home a fresh, clean look. Shot gun or Artillery algae is difficult to remove, even with a high pressure pressure washer. At this time there is nothing available that will safely remove that from your siding.   Painting your home? We can clean the siding, soffits, fascia and windows so your new paint will have a clean surface to adhere to. By using our soft-wash method, we do not damage the wood or force water under the siding or areas where the caulking has cracked.

Pressure Washing: Sidewalks, driveways and patios can get dirty over the years leaving them looking dingy. While cleaning other areas of your home we can clean your concrete and rid them of many years of dirt and grime. Our surface cleaner will clean these areas better, uniformly and faster than a pressure washer wand.

Gutter Filters & Gutter Brightening:
  After many years of searching, we have finally found a product that is affordable, actually works and has the best warranty of all gutter filters. We have teamed up with Cumberland Home Products as a local distributor and installer of Gutter Insert Pro with a 25 year manufacturer warranty. No more bi-annual gutter cleanings!   We offer gutter cleaning at no extra charge during the installation. Gutter filters eliminate debris and standing water from collecting in your gutters. GutterInsert Pro  prevents mosquitoes from reaching the bottom of the gutters at all. Reclaim the comfort of your outdoor activities by having gutter filters installed. We have gutter protection that actually works in half round gutters. We also offer brightening of the exterior of your dirty gutters

The forgotten area of your home, GUTTERS! It is recommended that gutters should be cleaned twice a year. Many people don't know their gutters aren't working until the water is pouring over the front and not going down the downspout.
Damage occurs by rotting the facia, too much water against the foundation causing leakage in the basement or crawl space and gutter fasteners not doing the job of holding those full and heavy gutters in place.


Deck & Fence Refinishing: After years of baking in the sun with endless amounts of rain and snow, your deck and fence takes a beating and turns black and green. With our three step process, we can bring those surfaces back to life. It's much more affordable to maintain your deck than it is to have to build a new one!